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The UK's No.1 Vegan Store 

We are a vegan family and team, and our mission is to make a vegan lifestyle accessible to all.  Our Vision "Inspiring the world to be kind, and go vegan".  :) 
Vegan means kindness to the world, to animals and humans,  respecting nature and our planet.  Becoming vegan was the best decision we ever made. Before we set up TheVeganKind Supermarket, there wasn’t really any amazing vegan shop online, so we built it! We make vegan shopping super easy for everyone. You can discover the best vegan brands and buy your favourite vegan products with just one click.
Our shelves are full of ethical and cruelty-free beauty products, as well as an abundance of vegan cheeses, vegan chocolate, dairy-free mayonnaise, plant-based milk and much more! From daily essentials to luxury and rare vegan items for special occasions, we can supply you with dairy-free and meat-free food, ethical fashion and household items, vegan gifts, vegan pets articles and vegan lifestyle books.
We are quick and reliable. 95% of our orders are completed the same day and delivered the very next day, with a 99.9% pick accuracy!  You're just one click away from enjoying some cool vegan products tomorrow! :)
Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, you are flexitarian, or on a plant-based diet, we are here for you. We are vegans and want to help everyone live more consciously. We offer our help, and our friendly customer service staff are waiting for you on live chat or email. :)
Let us introduce you to the amazingly diverse world of vegan products!


Vegan Shopping Tips

Vegan Cheese 101: The Slices Edition

Vegan Cheese 101: The Slices Edition

Vegan cheese is a hot topic nowadays - everyone's got an opinion! The art of making vegan cheese is an ever-evolving one, and bigger and better products are being released all the time.
  • Gabriella Rodriguez
Keep Your Teeth White & Clean With Cruelty Free Dental Care

Keep Your Teeth White & Clean With Cruelty Free Dental Care

Have you ever given a thought to what going vegan means for taking care of your teeth? Fear not, there’s plenty of environmentally friendly and cruelty free dental care options out there to choose from!
  • Gabriella Rodriguez
How to Eat Happy, Healthy & Cruelty Free – the Whole Foods Way

How to Eat Happy, Healthy & Cruelty Free – the Whole Foods Way

Many of us have gone vegan for the animals – and that’s great! Cutting animal products out of your diet is good for the animals and for our planet. But going vegan can be good for you too, especially if you focus on whole foods!
  • Gabriella Rodriguez
Vegan Hair Care: Give Your Locks Some TLC

Vegan Hair Care: Give Your Locks Some TLC

Today it’s easier than ever to take care of your locks without supporting the cruel practice that is animal testing. Instead choose one of the many great vegan shampoo and conditioners out there.
  • Gabriella Rodriguez