5 Gadgets That Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

Fully vegan kitchens often look a little different from the traditional omnivorous kitchen. Fridge vegetable drawers are full to the brim, there are bunches of ripening fruit lining the counters, the cupboards are packed with tins and containers, and you’ll likely find some interesting gadgets lying around, too. Have you ever heard of a tofu press?

Well, if you haven’t, and you want to adapt to a vegan diet, then you’re in the right place! I have got you covered with this list of handy gadgets that will make plant-based eating a breeze.

Avocado Tool

Face it, preparing avocados is a health hazard, so much so that there’s a term for avocado-related injuries - avocado hand. Fortunately, there are multipurpose tools available especially for removing the stone, scooping the flesh, and slicing the fruit for you, so you don’t ever have to run the risk of avocado injuries ever again!

Food processor

A great deal of the most exciting vegan recipes include the use of a food processor, for example, if you’d like to make your own vegan cheese or a creamy sauce made from cashews, or hummus and nut-butters, you’ll more than likely need one. A food processor might seem like a lot of effort, but you’ll be just a few blitzes away from a delicious pesto sauce, and what could be easier than that - no preparation necessary!

Slow Cooker

This gadget makes life easier no matter what diet you’re following; however, vegan cooking can sometimes take a little longer as you’re pretty much always cooking from scratch. A slow cooker is a perfect device if you’re wanting to reduce your time spent slaving over the stove. They’re also versatile, and it’s worth experimenting with many different recipes, from bean enchiladas to mashed potatoes!

Tofu Press

Like many things, tofu can taste pretty dull if you don’t prepare it right. The first step of ensuring that tofu tastes delicious is making sure you get rid of the excess moisture, which is where the press comes in. Once pressed, tofu will be able to take on the amazing flavours from spices, herbs, and seasoning. If you’re not able to get your hands on a magical tofu press right now, not to fear because you can wrap tofu in some kitchen towel and put a heavy, flat object on top (like a book or baking tray).


A few years have passed since the popularity spike of the spiraliser, but it’s still an awesome gadget to have. Need to get more vegetables into your diet? Use spiralised courgette instead of pasta! Or you can spiralise vegetables on top of salads to add some more exciting texture. 

2 Sep 2020
Jenny Edwards



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