The Best Vegan Meats to Try This Veganuary

The Best Vegan Meats to Try This Veganuary

There are so many reasons to switch to a plant-based diet. In an age where we’re more informed than ever, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry and the damage it’s doing to the environment. A leading cause of climate change, air pollution, animal habitat loss and species extinction, our addiction to meat and dairy products is taking a toll on the planet and our health. That’s why hundreds of thousands of us are taking up the Veganuary pledge!

What is Veganuary? 

Veganuary is simple. It’s the pledge to avoid all animal products (meat, dairy, seafood, honey etc.) for the month of January. Whether you’re concerned about animal rights, worried about the impact of animal agriculture on the planet or simply looking to eat a healthier diet, there are a multitude of reasons to give a plant-based lifestyle a try in 2020! And with so many awesome meat alternatives on the market, it’ll be a breeze making the change.

Whether you’re giving veganism a try for the first time or you’ve been a staunch advocate of the lifestyle for ages, there’s never been a better time to switch to a plant-based diet. Keep reading to find the most exciting vegan meat alternatives that are taking supermarkets everywhere by storm...
vegan burgers


Barbecue season may still be a good while away, but let’s face it… there’s never a bad time for a good burger! And we carry the best range of burgers from the most trusted vegan brands. From veggie and bean burgers to seitan based “wheat meat” burgers, a vegan burger is packed with protein yet has a fraction of the saturated fat that you’ll find in a beef burger.

Pair with your favourite vegan cheese, a luscious green salad and lashings of vegan mayo and you’ll enjoy everyone’s favourite treat with zero guilt.

You can easily buy vegan burgers online, including top brands like VBites, Clearspot, Sgaia Mheat and more!


A beloved breakfast treat, newly converted vegans find themselves missing the simple pleasure of a good bacon butty. But with our range of 100% vegan alternatives, you can get the smoky rich taste you crave without the animal suffering or the cholesterol. You’ll also find that many vegan meat alternatives are also significantly higher in protein than real bacon!

You’ll definitely want to try amazing vegan bacon brands like THIS, Vegan Cartel, Terra Vegane and more.

vegan sausages


Bangers and mash. Sausage casserole. And, of course, the honest to goodness full breakfast… there’s no denying it. The sausage is more than just food to us. It’s part of our national identity! But trying Veganuary doesn’t mean you’ll have to go without your precious bangers. Indeed, you may find that veganism introduces you to an altogether healthier sausage that’s higher in protein and lower in fat… and dare I say, even tastier!

All vegan sausage products are 100% guaranteed to irritate Piers Morgan. And that should be reason enough to give them a try. Find tasty vegan sausages online from brands like Tofurky and Taifun – and even Scottish vegan square sausage from FacePlant Foods!

Sandwich Slices

Wanting to throw together something quick for lunch? Fear not, you don’t have to give up your lunchtime sandwiches when you stop eating meat. There are tonnes of vegan sandwich slices to choose from, in all sorts of different types and flavours.

Try vegan ham slices, sliced sausage, chicken slices, turkey slices, roast beef... the list goes on and on. From flavours like sage & onion to smoked, garlic to black pepper. You can make the sandwich of your dreams with delicious plant-based slices. Choose from favourite brands like Violife, Wheaty and VBites.

 vegan steak


Last but not least… steak. Many couldn’t imagine going without their favourite steak dinner, so it’s a good thing they don’t have to! Nowadays there are more vegan steak alternatives to choose from than ever, each and every one of them sure to satisfy the worst of cravings.

Try Sgaia Mheat Steak, Sojade Grilled Seitan Steak, Terra Vegane Southwest BBQ Steak and more. With any of these plant-based options you’ll be grilling up the perfect dinner in no time this Veganuary!

You can find all the best vegan meat alternatives online, sure to make the transition easier for omnivores while giving seasoned vegans the chance to indulge themselves in Veganuary and beyond!

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