Vegan Valentine's Gifts to Fall in Love With

Vegan Valentine's Gifts to Fall in Love With

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – have you got your cruelty-free gifts sorted yet? Whether you’re vegan yourself or you’re shopping for your vegan partner, there’s all sorts of cruelty-free gifts to choose from: chocolate, wine, sweets, even a sweet-scented candle or a vegan leather bag. And lucky for you, it’s easier than ever to find these vegan gifts online rather than scouring the shelves of your local shop!

Vegan Valentine's Chocolate Gift Box

The ‘Be My Valentine’ Vegan Chocolate Gift box

What better way to celebrate love than with a box of scrumptious vegan chocolate treats? While you can find plenty of chocolate options, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like the famous TVK ‘Be My Valentine’ Chocolate Gift Box. Each box comes with a selection of vegan chocolates and sweets inside, including Vego’s White Almond Bliss Bar, NOMO’s new Fruit & Crunch Bar, and even a boozy Raspberry Gin Heart-Shaped Lolly! 

This box is a great way to show your love while still respecting yours or your partner’s morals. Delicious treats that don’t harm animals? Sign me up! But if your loved one isn’t vegan and you’re looking to introduce them to the wonders of dairy-free chocolate, this box is guaranteed to be a hit! Often non-vegans are worried on sacrificing taste when trying vegan alternatives, but there’s no chance of that happening with this box. Plant-based treats are just as delicious – if not more so because you can enjoy them with the knowledge that you’re doing something good for the animals, the environment and yourself.

Vegan Wine Selection

Believe it or not, many wines aren't vegan! You would never think it, but often the processes that go into making the final product use non-vegan ingredients. For example, wine companies are known to use animal-based fining agents when clarifying the wine, to make it perfectly clear and bright.

So if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic plant-based dinner and some delicious vegan wine, you need to make sure you buy the right stuff! When wine shopping, look for wine that has been filtered using clay-based fining agents or that has not been filtered at all.

Thankfully plenty of companies have started labelling their bottles as vegan-friendly – or you can rely on an all-vegan supermarket to find the perfect vegan wine. There’s even alcohol-free wine to choose from, perfect for a partner who prefers not to drink or who’s an expectant mum! It’s a simple vegan gift that says you care, and after all, what’s more important than enjoying the moment together with a glass of vino? 

LaBante Vegan Leather Bags

Vegan Gifts That Will Last

What about something a bit more permanent than chocolates and wine? As delicious as those are, they’ll be gone in a matter of minutes if you’re gifting to someone with a particularly bad sweet tooth. If you’re looking for something more memorable, why not consider scented candles, plant-based cookbooks or a vegan leather bag?

You can find a range of vegan candles from brands like Harper’s Candles and Vegan Bunny. Or check out the selection of vegan backpacks, tote bags, wallets and more from LaBante London. Finally, there are so many vegan cookbooks to check out nowadays, including books by famous vegan foodies like BOSH! and Avant Garde Vegan. Not only can you give a cookbook as an excellent gift to your vegan partner, but you can even take a sneaky peek inside and whip up one of the recipes for your Valentine’s dinner!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year – don’t miss the chance to celebrate with your loved one the vegan way, especially now that it’s become so easy to buy vegan gifts online!

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