Keep Your Teeth White & Clean With Cruelty Free Dental Care

Keep Your Teeth White & Clean With Cruelty Free Dental Care

Have you ever given a thought to what going vegan means for taking care of your teeth? Fear not, there’s plenty of environmentally friendly and cruelty free dental care options out there to choose from!

Did you know you should buy a new toothbrush every 2-3 months? This is because bacteria accumulates on the brush, and the bristles get worn down – making them less effective in keeping your teeth squeaky clean. With 66 million people living in the UK, this means over 260 million toothbrushes are bought, used and eventually thrown in the bin every year!

Not only are bamboo toothbrushes cruelty free, they’re also environmentally friendly and a great alternative to their plastic counterparts. Plastic toothbrushes take hundreds of years to break down, whereas bamboo is natural, biodegradable and doesn’t pollute the environment. Even better, bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that doesn’t result in deforestation – a good thing for both the environment and the animals!

Eco-friendly toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular, so there’s a great variety to choose from if you want to buy bamboo toothbrushes online. The Environmental Toothbrush and the Humble Brush are both great choices. These brushes are BPA free, fair traded and vegan friendly – plus they even come in biodegradable paper packaging. The Humble Brush comes in both kids and adult versions, with a choice between soft and medium bristle for adult toothbrushes. TheVeganKind also has a Bamboo Eco-Friendly Toothbrush that was designed in the UK – and for each brush sold TVK will donate 10p to Tribe Animal Sanctuary!

What about toothpaste? Just like other cosmetics, it’s important to make sure the toothpaste you’re buying hasn’t been tested on an innocent animal. Kingfisher make a great range of cruelty free toothpastes, with a huge range of flavours to choose from: Mint, Baking Soda, Charcoal, Fennel and Kids’ Strawberry. Most varieties are fluoride-free. If that doesn’t convince you – Kingfisher Toothpaste was named as PETA’s Best Cruelty Free Beauty and Toiletries Product, and is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

There’s a plethora of great vegan toothpaste brands out there. Green People make a Citrus & Aloe Vera flavour that’s great for sensitive teeth and gums and is made from over 89% organic plant ingredients. Woobamboo Bubble Berry Kids Toothpaste is the perfect choice for the little vegan in your family, free of sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, micro-beads and more!

Last but not least: vegan mouthwash! Optima Aloe Dent Vera Mouthwash is alcohol-, fluoride- and SLS-free. It contains Aloe Vera, grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil to fight bacteria, protect your gums and keep your breath feeling fresh.

Going vegan doesn’t just mean cutting animal products out of your diet! With vegan dental care you can easily keep your teeth healthy and looking food without harming our animal friends. 

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  • Gabriella Rodriguez
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