Stocking Filler Ideas for the Perfect Vegan Christmas

Stocking Filler Ideas for the Perfect Vegan Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Well, maybe not quite yet… but there’s no harm in getting a good head start! And in a season traditionally associated with non-vegan foods, we’re reminded that your seasonal indulgence needn’t come at the cost of animal suffering. For years, vegans old and new have been sharing delicious vegan Christmas recipes and discussing where to get the best plant-based mince pies. But of course, the seasonal celebration of togetherness, goodwill and good food extends way beyond your dinner table on the big day.

For vegan households (or those with vegan friends, families and significant others) the season also provides opportunities to give ethically sourced and vegan gifts – including stocking fillers! Looking for a little special something to delight your favourite vegan this Christmas? It’s easier and more affordable than you might think thanks to these tasty and stylish vegan treats…

Vego Fine Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

There are a number of things on the supermarket shelves that new vegans find themselves missing. One of which is a really good vegan chocolate spread that isn’t loaded with dairy. Fortunately, if you have someone in your life who’s needin’ Nutella (why oh why won’t they make a vegan range!?), then this delicious spread from Vego is just the ticket. With the same nutty sweet taste as the Vego chocolate bars, it’s a great toast topper at Christmas time and all year round.

baked in mug mixes

Baked In Mug Mixes

Do you have someone in your life who’s convinced that you need eggs, butter and milk to make delicious baked treats? Prove them wrong this festive season with these awesome microwave baked treats which you can make in your favourite mugs. Add a dollop of vegan spread and a glug of your preferred plant milk (or even water) and away you go. 

These Baked In Mug Mixes come in Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie, Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Sticky Toffee.

Moo Free Mini-Moo Bars

Think you can’t enjoy the delicious taste of milk chocolate on a plant-based diet? Think again! Thanks to the tireless efforts of the good people at Moo Free, your loved ones can enjoy all the indulgent taste of vegan chocolate without supporting the dairy industry. Show someone you love that you don’t have to give up on taste when you give up on dairy. Mini Moo Bars come in a range of flavours, including Original, Minty, Orange, Caramel and Strawberry.

Moo Free also make the cutest little chocolate Santas and Snowmen – who doesn’t love festive Christmas chocolate?

vegan lip balms

Lip glosses and balms

Who said that you need animal products to look good? There’s a great variety of vegan lip balms and glosses to choose from, ensuring that you’ll never need to worry about dry lips under the mistletoe. Choose from a range of sumptuous lip oils by Barry M, “That’s Swell” Lip Plumper, and lip balms from White Rabbit, Crazy Rumors and Fruu in a range of delicious flavours – Chocolate Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple, Bubble Gum and more!

Whoever you’re buying for, they’ll be thrilled to find these cruelty-free gifts in their Christmas stockings.

Vegan themed pins and badges

Help a vegan you love wear their love for animals and the planet on their sleeve… or their lapel… or their bag… or wherever they like! Adorable vegan pins and badges make perfect stocking fillers. Choose from the vegan enamel cookie pin, almond milk pin, “Herbivore” dinosaur badge and plenty more.

Christmas might not feel like it’s right around the corner, but every year it arrives in the blink of an eye! You can get ahead of the game now by buying vegan stocking fillers online, just a click of the button away.

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