Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Options

Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Options

Breakfast is one of the more challenging meals to figure out when you first go vegan – after all, traditional breakfasts are full of animal products! If you’re used to having eggs and bacon every morning, figuring out a plant-based alternative can seem daunting.

So what are some quick and easy vegan breakfast ideas? Keep reading to find out!

Tofu Scramble

If you’re missing scrambled eggs, then tofu scramble is the way to go! This morning dish is super versatile. You can customise it pretty much any way you want.

Tofu scramble is simple to make – just take a block of tofu, pop it in the pan with some spices and scramble it up! Add any veg you want to make your scramble a bit more interesting, like peppers or onions. The most important spice when it comes to tofu scramble is turmeric – it gives your tofu that bright yellow colour! Other popular spices to add are cumin, salt and pepper, garlic or onion powder, paprika and even chilli powder.

Make sure you get firm tofu, though silken tofu can work too – just press it first to get rid of all that extra liquid. You can even buy tofu scramble online if you don’t feel like cooking! Don’t forget to get some vegan sausage to go with your tasty tofu.


Another great option for your morning is a bowl of breakfast granola! Granola seems like it would automatically be vegan, but unfortunately many varieties contain honey as a sweetener. Of course, the perfect edition to a bowl of granola is some vegan yoghurt.

If you haven’t tried vegan yoghurt yet – you’re missing out! Koko Dairy Free Yoghurt is a delicious alternative that’s both dairy- and soya-free. Koko is made from coconut cream and comes in three main flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry and Peach Passionfruit!

Another popular yoghurt choice is CoYo Dairy Free! This organic coconut milk yoghurt is naturally sweetened and flavoured with essential oils. Its four popular flavours are Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Morello Cherry and Strawberry.

Looking for something a bit more plain? Sojade is a soya-based yoghurt that comes unflavoured – in both traditional yoghurt form and a thicker Greek yoghurt variety!


Fluffy pancakes are the best way to treat yourself in the morning. And the good news is you don’t have to give up this amazing breakfast treat when you go vegan! You can either veganise an old recipe with vegan milks and vegan egg replacers, or try out a vegan pancake mix!

Superfood Bakery do an amazing Organic Pancake Mix, which is both gluten- and dairy-free and high in fibre! If you’re craving cocoa, you can try MyVegan Protein Chocolate Pancake Mix – with 20g of protein and less than 190 calories per serving!

There are plenty of vegan options to top your pancakes with – like vegan honey or vegan whipped cream. If you’re wanting something a bit more healthy, go with fruit and maple syrup!

Vegan Eggs

Not keen on tofu, but still missing scrambled eggs? Or maybe you want to make a breakfast omelet, quiche or bake something tasty? There are tonnes of new, innovative vegan egg replacers on the market for you to try!

The most famous brand of vegan egg is without a doubt Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg – and we swear by it! But there are also plenty of other kinds to try that will suits all tastes and needs. Terra Vegane have three different kinds of vegan egg: Golden Exx Egg, Mega Exx Egg and even an Omelett Mix to try! Other brands like Orgran have their own vegan eggs as well, or you can try making your own flax or chia eggs.

At the end of the day – there’s no reason to think vegans can’t enjoy a delicious breakfast just like everyone else! Nearly everything can be veganised if you get creative enough.

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