Vegan Hair Care: Give Your Locks Some TLC

Vegan Hair Care: Give Your Locks Some TLC

The obvious first step when going vegan is cutting animal products out of your diet – meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey… and all the sneaky little ingredients like gelatine and whey. But veganism isn’t just about your diet! It’s important to avoid supporting all forms of animal cruelty, which means choosing vegan hair products too.

Everyone wants healthy, strong hair! Today it’s easier than ever to take care of your locks without supporting the cruel practice that is animal testing. Instead choose one of the many great vegan shampoo and vegan conditioner products out there.

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Shampoo bars are a great way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, while also being kind to the environment. These handy little products are like soap bars – except for your hair! They’re long-lasting and usually come in environmentally friendly packaging, like the Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar, which contains castor oil and relaxing essential oils to help clean and condition your tresses.

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Faith in Nature is always sure to use natural, plant-based ingredients in their products. This eco-friendly company does not test on animals or use any animal-sourced ingredients. The Faith in Nature vegan hair care range comes in a huge variety of scents: coconut, watermelon, orange and even fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin!

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If you struggle with dry skin and dandruff, give Noughty “Care Taker” a try. This soothing shampoo and conditioner range uses oatmeal extract as an anti-irritant for your tired scalp, and has a pleasant avocado and coconut scent. Noughty Haircare also makes a “Blondie Locks” shampoo and conditioner for those with treated blonde hair – featuring lemon and chamomile extract to keep your locks looking bright and healthy.

vegan shampoo, vegan conditioner, vegan hair care, cruelty free cosmetics, umberto giannini

Do you have curly, wild hair? Then turn to another great cruelty free brand – Umberto Giannini. Their Curl Jelly shampoo and conditioner are a great combo to keep your curls moisturised, bouncy and tangle-free.

vegan shampoo, vegan conditioner, vegan hair care, cruelty free cosmetics, maria nila

Maria Nila is another great vegan brand that offers cruelty free hair care. If you love to colour your hair but hate the damage that causes, be sure to try out their Luminous Colour range – protect your locks and reduce colour loss from washing, heat styling and sunlight. Keep your hair looking shiny and vibrant, no matter what shade of the rainbow it is! Maria Nila have also got a great range of vegan styling products, like their Mineral Hair Waxes.

Vegan hair products are not hard to come by – and it’s getting easier every day! There’s no reason to support animal testing when it's so easy to buy cruelty free cosmetics online. Delve into the world of vegan hair care and you’ll never look back, knowing that you’re taking care of your locks with a clean conscience!

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