What is Vegan Meat?

What is Vegan Meat?

Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of plant-based meat alternatives to turn to. There’s no reason to eat actual meat with so many cruelty-free choices at our fingertips!

So why do so many people continue to eat meat instead? Many reason – but a main one is that people simply don’t understand meat alternatives. There’s tonnes of misinformation out there about what vegan meat is, what it’s made of and what it tastes like.

There are so many different kinds of meat substitutes out there – some are made from natural whole foods, whereas others are more processed. Some are made from fruit, some from veg, some from soya, some from wheat. Whatever your preferences, there’s surely something out there you’ll enjoy!

If you’re missing classic meat-y food likes burgers, sausages and bacon, you’re in luck! There are tonnes of plant-based alternatives to choose from, including popular brands like Tofurky, VBites, Terra Vegane, Viana and so much more. Some meat substitutes are made from soya, some from wheat, some from beans, some even from mushroom or sweet potato! No matter your tastes or dietary restrictions, you can still enjoy delicious vegan burgers and vegan sausages.

Some more classic vegan meat substitutes are tofu, tempeh and seitan. Tofu and tempeh are both made from soya, while seitan is made from wheat. Tofu is not traditionally a meat substitute, since it’s very common in East Asian cuisine, but has been adopted into the Western vegetarian and vegan diets. Tofu is made using soya milk, whereas tempeh is made from the whole soya bean – giving it a dense, firm texture some people prefer.

Many people think tofu tastes bland, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! All you need is some proper seasoning to make tofu a delicious and exciting addition to any meal. You can easily find garlic, basil, curry and herb-flavoured tofu, as well as smoked and more tofu online. Or why not get some plain tofu and try seasoning it yourself?

Looking for something a bit less processed? Mushrooms and jackfruit are commonly used in vegan cooking to give that meat-y taste and texture, while also packing a protein punch. You can buy jackfruit online, quick and easy to cook and eat!

With so many different vegan protein choices to enjoy, everyone is bound to find at least one that they like – even the most staunch meat-eater! Do some experimenting and try out one of the many, many vegan burgers, sausages and bacon varieties, or go more traditional with some tofu, tempeh or seitan. You won’t regret it!

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