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8 Must-Try Vegan Recipes For Cheese Lovers

Cheese. It’s the gooey, melty, versatile ingredient that both vegans and non-vegans alike adore. Many of the most comforting dishes in the world include cheese: toasties, pizzas, bowls of creamy pasta, the list goes on. The cheese possibilities are practically endless, especially since dairy-free cheese has hit the market. You can now create all of your favourite cheesy classics, vegan style AKA cruelty-free. 

So if you’re a self-confessed cheese addict, keep on scrolling because the following vegan recipes are here to satisfy your cravings. I’ve put together a list of creamy pasta dishes, perfectly melty toasties, doughy pizza and more, so enjoy! 

Creamy Vegan Mac and ‘Cheese

By: Bit of the Good Stuff

Method: Cooking

Difficulty: Beginner

Mac and cheese is the ultimate meal for cheese-lovers, and this recipe is no different. This vegan version is creamy, quick and straightforward to make but packed full of nutrients from the cashews, carrots, and nutritional yeast. It’s comfort food at its finest. Recipe here.

Beetroot and Red Cabbage Grilled Cheese

By: Bonsan

Method: Grilling

Difficulty: Beginner

Beetroot and red cabbage aren’t the most typical ingredients you’d put in a toastie, but this recipe will have you thinking that they should be! This toastie is bursting with flavour from the veggies, Bonsan spread and the buttery, melted cheese. Recipe here.

Applewood Vegan Lasagne

By: Applewood Vegan

Method: Baking

Difficulty: Intermediate

Lasagna will always be a family favourite; the rich tomato sauce, the layers of hearty pasta, and the creamy white sauce, you just can’t beat it. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll love this comforting, rich cheese-topped recipe. Recipe here. 

Cheese Dip with Nachos

By: GreenVie Foods

Method: Cooking

Difficulty: Beginner

The dairy nacho cheese that you find on supermarket shelves is often full of processed ingredients. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to veganize; with the help of GreenVie’s cheddar and a handful of creamy cashew nuts, you can mix up your own nacho cheese dip that’s healthier and just as delicious. Recipe here.

Spinach and Sundried Tomato Toastie

By: Violife 

Method: Other

Difficulty: Beginner

The key to achieving the cheesiest, gooey-ist toastie of your dreams is to use a mixture of cream cheese and cheese slices or shreds, just like this Violiife recipe. Recipe here.

Chickpea Fusilli with Sweet Potato Carrot Mac and Cheeseves

By: Explore Cuisine

Method: Cooking

Difficulty: Intermediate

If you’re in the mood for something cheesy but also need a health kick, then this Chickpea Fusilli is what you need in your life. It requires minimal ingredients and can be ready in less than an hour! Add a handful of grated cheese on top for extra taste and melty-ness. Recipe here.

Heura Cannelloni

By: Heura Foods

Method: Baking, Cooking

Difficulty: Beginner

What could be better than a bubbling oven dish of lasagna for dinner? I’ll tell you what’s better - lasagna served in huge tubes of pasta! Heura has put their own spin on the popular Italian dish, Cannelloni, and made it just as comforting as the classic version, if not more so. Recipe here.

Butternut Squash Pizza

By: Follow Your Heart

Method: Baking

Difficulty: Intermediate

This pizza recipe combines spicy and sweet flavours and soft and crispy textures to make the ultimate comfort food meal. It’s the perfect dish for a lazy evening; the main thing you have to do is caramelise the onion and roast the squash. Oh, and sprinkle on extra helpings of vegan cheese, of course. Recipe here.

8 Apr 2021
Jenny Edwards

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