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CottonCoco's Cruelty-Free Skincare to Heal Dry Skin

CottonCoco are a fantastic black-owned business, making cruelty-free skincare products suitable for a diverse range of skin types. With CottonCoco now in stock at TheVeganKind Supermarket, we just had to reach out and have a discussion with founders Keturah and Melissa about their brand. Keep reading to find out more!

Can you tell our readers where the inspiration for CottonCoco originally came from, and how your own experience with dry skin and your background in chemistry have influenced the brand?

We have always struggled with dry skin and we couldn’t get any creams or lotions in stores that worked well for our skin, they were always just a temporary fix which we know a lot of people can relate with. So we decided to develop our own products that were nourishing and helped heal our dry skin but also suitable for all skin types. Fully understanding the chemistry behind each of the ingredients we use and their purpose on our skin helped perfect our body butter formulation. 

Which CottonCoco product is your favourite, and what makes it stand out from the rest?

Our product is a whipped body butter, which has been described by customers and skincare reviewers to resemble buttercream frosting, making it stand out! It has a smooth and silky texture and melts directly into your skin giving you a luxurious feeling with its sweet delicate scent. 

What values are most important to you when manufacturing your skincare products? (sustainability, culture & heritage, natural ingredients, etc)

We're in a transitional period in our lives where we want to use and eat more healthy, nourishing and organic products, as we understand the importance of it. Many of us would like to know what exactly is coming into contact with our skin. We like to see our body butter is an intentional act of self care. Therefore we value and take pride that our ingredients are truly natural and organic without any synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals that may harm the skin. Our body butter is handmade with love in small batches ensuring quality over quantity. 

What has been the biggest challenge CottonCoco has faced so far? What about the biggest achievement?

The biggest challenge has been getting the word out about our body butter! Especially with COVID being a big obstacle for startups and not enough people have heard about our product. Our biggest achievement was providing a care package with plenty of our small pots for NHS workers during the lockdown period. The body butter was helpful to them so they could moisturise after using hand sanitiser that can dry out your hands. We’re proud we could help even if in a small way.

On your website you mention ‘a triple blend of butters paired with oils to bring radiance back into your skin’ - what are some of the butters and oils that make the CottonCoco range so unique, and how do they help your skin?

The triple blend of butters are shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter paired with coconut oil and jojoba oils. These key ingredients don’t block your pores and contain key vitamins and antioxidants which improve skin elasticity and appearance. They also have a high concentration of fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to heal broken skin in the dermis and keep your skin smooth and supple. We use essential oils to fragrance our body butter, which have the added benefit of calming and healing properties too.

How has the pandemic affected CottonCoco, and do you have any new products or exciting milestones coming up as life returns to normal?

Well we had big plans to showcase our products at markets and exhibit at events but obviously the pandemic put a stop to this and slowed our roll. Instead, we’ve stuck to online orders and producing more exciting content from home. We have recently launched makeup removal face cloths which are eco-friendly alternatives to removing make-up since they’re reusable. We are also excited to be launching a body butter candle soon; the candle oil can be used on your skin to moisturise it. In the future we have plans to broaden our range of scents of body butter and have a variety of sizes as there have been many requests to have bigger sizes, which is great, so watch this space!

CottonCoco's amazing Organic Body Butter is available to buy online at TheVeganKind Supermarket! You can find out more about CottonCoco at @cottoncocoskin on Instagram.

2 Apr 2021
Gabriella Rodriguez

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