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Cruelty-Free Products That Will Nourish Your Skin Through The Winter

The mixture of the colder weather and intense central heating leaves our skin feeling tight, dry and uncomfortable throughout the winter months. We should, therefore, be thinking about switching up our skincare routines accordingly. If you suffer from dry patches or notice that your skin isn't on top form during the winter, then I've got a few product recommendations for you!

Beauty Kitchen - Seahorse Plankton + Really Radiant Moisturiser

Beauty products with irresistible smells are always a huge bonus. The inspiration for this moisturiser's scent was a campfire on the beach at sunset. There's also hints of blue chamomile, seaweed, cedarwood and frankincense. And not only does it smell remarkable, but the results are pretty impressive, too. If you're someone that not only suffers from dry skin during the winter but all year round, this ultra-hydrating moisturiser should do the trick. It includes a blend of two types of microalgae and two seaweeds that are proven to protect skin and leave you with a glowing, radiant complexion.

Dr Botanicals - Lm Lemon Superfood All-in-One Rescue Butter 

The Dr Botanicals Rescue Butter is a multi-use product that can act as a moisturiser or treatment. It's a 96% natural formulation that's packed full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which work together to rejuvenate, renew and invigorate dull and dry winter skin. Some of the main ingredients include lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. 

UpCircle - Organic Facial Serum with Coffee Oil

Serums are just what the skin needs during winter as they provide you with an extra boost of moisture and necessary nourishment. You can use this facial serum by UpCircle in the morning and night to boost collagen and keep skin feeling firm. It's rich in vitamin C, antioxidant-rich coffee and rosehip oils which fade dark spots and brighten the complexion. Also, the coffee oil comes from repurposed grounds that would have otherwise gone to waste!

Better You Magnesium Body Butter 

Body butters are thicker formulations than the likes of moisturisers and lotions and tend to be packed with deeply hydrating ingredients. This body butter by BetterYou is dermatologically tested, deeply rich, and intensively moisturising. It contains the perfect balance of ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin and will leave it feeling supple. 

UpCircle - Face Moisturiser with Argan Powder 

This UpCircle Face Moisturiser is super hydrating and works to nourish and brighten skin that's been dulled by the winter weather. UpCircle products do not only produce fantastic results, but their ingredients are kind to the planet, too. This moisturiser is made up of the powder of discarded argan shells. Fortunately, it's also suitable for all skin types.

Beauty Kitchen - Seahorse Plankton+ Ultra Restore Hand Cream 

We've all been washing our hands even more than usual this year to combat the spread of Covid-19, which is why it's super important to keep them moisturised as well as sanitised. I'm sure just about everyone can relate to having sore and dehydrated hands this year, which is why I'm excited to give Beauty Kitchen's Restore Hand Cream a shout out! Their super advanced multi-action product takes care of dry lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones and restores the hand's natural moisture and softness.

21 Dec 2020
Jenny Edwards

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