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Ecozone's Guide to Spring Cleaning

With spring very much in the air, you might be thinking about taking part in the great tradition of spring cleaning. There are many conflicting theories about the origins of spring cleaning, from cultural and religious suggestions to simple practicalities, but one thing is for sure: people have been taking advantage of the warming season to deep clean their homes for centuries.

The idea of a deep clean can be daunting and you might not know where to start. Luckily, vegan cleaning brand Ecozone has shared some top tips for making this year’s spring clean a success!

Plan ahead

Before making a start, it’s best to have a plan. This will help make sure no area is forgotten about and ensure your whole home is gleaming by the time summer rolls around. The best way is to work on one room at a time, so set aside a week per room so that you can work in short spurts when you have the time. Making a checklist for each room will give you something to work towards and give you a serious sense of satisfaction as you make progress.

Time to declutter

Start in each room by getting rid of anything you no longer have a use for. We’re all guilty of holding onto things we no longer need or hiding items at the back of drawers and cupboards, but now’s the time for a fresh start. Sort everything into piles, donating anything that’s still usable so that somebody else can find joy from it in the future. For piles of paperwork, think about starting a digital filing system, scanning and saving important documents so that they don’t stack up in the future. If you have the space, store out of season clothes in storage boxes or vacuum-sealed bags to keep your wardrobe organised, too.

Appliance maintenance

We use them every day, but it’s easy to forget that our appliances need some TLC sometimes too. While working on the kitchen, get rid of any old food and condiments that have been lurking at the back of your fridge, then pull out all the shelves and draws and give them a good wash. Our aquatic-life friendly Washing Up Liquid will do a great job or, to save time, you could give them a wipe with our biodegradable Multi-Surface Wipes. Small appliances will love our Kettle & Iron Descaler, which gets rid of any nasty limescale and keeps them working their best.

Focus on the floor

You might hoover or sweep regularly, but how long have you been putting off giving your floors a really good clean for? Now’s the time to pull out the furniture, fill up a bucket and get a mop over all the hidden away corners of your home. For carpets, dig out the carpet cleaner, borrow one from a friend or go manual – you’d be surprised at how much hidden dirt accumulates in rugs and carpets throughout the year!

Freshen your furniture

Sofas and other soft furnishings can be some of the most unhygienic objects in our homes, as all of the germs we pick up on our clothes and bodies are transferred onto them. Pop any removable cushion covers in the washing machine with some detergent and fabric conditioner to give them a new lease of life. If you can’t remove the covers, try steam cleaning instead.

Don’t forget the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, it’s likely to get a lot more use over the next few months. Give the lawn a mow and, for patios, try a pressure washer or do it the old-fashioned way with a bucket of water and a broom. Wash or wipe down outdoor furniture and barbecues to bring them out of their winter hibernation.

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12 Apr 2021
Gabriella Rodriguez

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