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Plastic-Free July: Purchases To Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic-Free July began in 2011 and is now an award-winning campaign that has attracted the attention of millions of consumers. Every year, individuals pledge to cut down or altogether quit single-use plastics in a bid to live greener. Anyone can take part in Plastic-Free July - no matter your circumstances. So if you can't fully commit to quitting plastic for the entire month, do what you can. 

Buying less overall is one of the biggest favours you could do for mother nature, as overconsumption is ravaging the planet. The constant production of food, clothes, and technology (the list goes on) is exhausting the earth's resources, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and adding to the piling waste problem. And it's also not doing our mental health any favours

When it comes to the time when you inevitably buy something new, make sure the purchase is worthwhile. Ask yourself, 'do I really need this?' And weigh up the pros and cons. For example, many purchases will help you to use less plastic!

Not every item in the following article will apply to you, as perhaps you already have something that does the trick. But hopefully, you might find something here that makes your Plastic Free July that little bit easier. 

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

The Laundry Egg replaces the need for detergent and fabric conditioner, and one product works for 70 washes until you need to refill. Not only does this purchase help to reduce your single-use plastic, but it'll also save you money as it costs 14p per wash and 10p per wash for the refills.

Loofco Washing Up Pad

Conventional washing up sponges contain microplastics that wreak havoc in the ocean, and they're also a problem when it comes to waste (they aren't biodegradable). There are many creative ways to get your dishes clean without using a troublesome sponge - some people even pull on a pair of gloves and scrub with their hands! However, if you'd like to find something that gets the job done well, then this biodegradable loofah pad is durable and will stand the test of time. 

If You Care Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags

Cling film is a popular product that many of us use in the kitchen. It's cheap and convenient, but at what cost? You can't recycle cling film, and so it litters the oceans and landfills. If You Care Snack and Sandwich Bags are made exclusively from the unbleached pulp of spruce trees - a natural, renewable source. The pulp forms a natural barrier that prevents grease or fat from penetrating, making them ideal for transporting and keeping food. You can also chuck them on the compost heap once you're done with them.  

Humble Brush Natural Corn Starch Floss

Flossing is a vital part of dental hygiene. However, many conventional brands are not recyclable or biodegradable. Enter, Humble Floss! This brand offers floss picks that use corn-starch as its main base, and they're also packaged in an eco-friendly bag.

Mooncup Menstrual Cup

Both tampons and pads have plastic in them, and millions of them end up in landfills and are flushed down toilets every year. Reusable alternatives have become popular in recent years, with many people (including myself) finding them more comfortable and manageable than the disposable variety. With proper care, one Mooncup can last you several years; and as it's £21, that's a lot of money you'll be saving!

Jul 14, 2021
Jenny Edwards

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