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Tag: vegan food

8 Must-Try Vegan Recipes For Cheese Lovers

I’ve put together a recipe list for the self-confessed cheese-lovers out there. From creamy pasta dishes, perfectly melty toasties, doughy pizza and more!

  • 8 Apr 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

Get all the Nutrients You Need from a Vegan Diet

According to Healthspan Head of Nutrition Rob Hobson, a vegan diet can have significant health benefits - more likely to contain a greater quantity of fibre-rich wholegrain foods and pulses.

  • 5 Apr 2021
  • Gabriella Rodriguez

The Best Vegan Ready Meals For A Busy Lifestyle

Carry on reading to discover some of the best vegan ready meals on the market right now!

  • 31 Mar 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

The Most Realistic Tasting Vegan Cheeses

We’ve all heard it before: “I want to go vegan but I’d miss cheese too much.” Luckily we live in 2021 and the number of vegan cheeses available nowadays is mind blowing!

  • 30 Mar 2021
  • Gabriella Rodriguez

5 Ethical Chocolate Products For Guilt-Free Snacking

Buying from ethical companies that care about cocoa farmers means that you're buying towards a more compassionate future where all humans are treated with fairness and respect.

  • 26 Mar 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

5 Tips For Celebrating Easter As A Vegan

Having an entirely plant-based Easter is incredibly easy, and I'm going to share a few top tips on how you can do it.

  • 17 Mar 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

Tips For Losing Weight On A Plant-Based Diet

Here are some of my super easy tips to help you shed the pounds on a vegan diet that will seem effortless within a few weeks.

  • 17 Mar 2021
  • Jenny Edwards

Impress Your Mum With These Vegan Mother's Day Recipes

Whether you’re creating a beautiful brunch or breakfast in bed, here are some mouthwatering Mother’s Day vegan recipes that your mum is sure to love.

  • 11 Mar 2021
  • Jenny Edwards