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The Best Vegan Easter Eggs For 2021

Easter’s coming up, which means you’re probably on the hunt (pun intended) for the greatest vegan Easter eggs to satisfy your Spring-time sweet tooth! Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got a cracking (again, pun intended) list of a few of the best products up for offer this year.

From creme eggs and caramel salt eggs to hazelnut eggs and sticky toffee eggs, there’s plenty of chocolate-y choice for those of us looking for plant-based options in 2021. 

NOMO - Hazelnot Crunch Easter Egg & Drops

Hazelnut and chocolate is a winning combination, and now you can enjoy it WITHOUT the nuts! With crispy rice pieces, cocoa nibs and a nut-free flavour, NOMO Hazelnot is perfect for vegans and anyone with allergies to milk, gluten, egg or nuts. 

Considerit Chocolate - Vegan Cream Egg

When I first went vegan, there were zero plant-based cream eggs on the market, and now there are several options to choose from! This online exclusive delicious and creamy Belgian Chocolate Egg is filled with vanilla fondant, making it the perfect Easter treat.

Moo Free - Milk Choccy Mini Easter Eggs 

Moo Free’s dairy-dodging mini eggs are the perfect size for snacking on throughout the day!

Divine - Dark Raspberry Easter Egg 

Divine’s Easter Egg is deliciously rich smooth dark vegan chocolate with bursts of real raspberries enclosed in a thick chocolate shell. At only £5.95, this one’s great value for money. What more could you want for Easter?! 

Booja Booja - Hazelnut Crunch Truffle Small Easter Egg 

Booja Booja’s intricately decorated Easter egg contains three delicious hazelnut crunch truffles. Each handmade, hand-painted box is created by Kashmiri artisans. Treat yourself or your loved one with this extra special and long-lasting gift for a decadent Easter celebration.

Buttermilk - Caramel Sea Salt Duo Easter Egg

This generously thick dairy-free chocolate shell from Buttermilk is adorned with sea salt crystals and caramel flakes, giving a satisfying crunchy texture with every bite. For extra gooey, rich goodness, there’s also three silky Salted Caramel Duos included, too.

Mummy Meagz - Chuckie Egg - Vegan Cream Egg


The Cream Eggs from Mummy Meagz will take you right back to your childhood! The smooth dark chocolate complements the sweet fondant filling so perfectly that even non-vegans will love it.

Divine - 70% Dark Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs 


If you’re a dark chocolate lover, then this is the Easter egg for you! These 70% dark chocolate dairy-free eggs from Divine Chocolate are a wonderfully rich snack to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Divine Chocolates are also FairTrade approved.

Moo Free - Bunny Comb Easter Egg & Egg-Citing Surprise

Like all of Moo Free’s chocolates, these Bunny Comb Easter Eggs are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and suitable for vegans, of course! This is a great choice if you’re catering for little ones.

Goupie - Salted Sticky Toffee Easter Egg

Goupie’s Salted Sticky Toffee chocolates are cut into smaller pieces, covered in more chocolate and packaged in a reusable, Faberge-inspired, tin egg and quirky Kraft box. This flavour comes in 36 different designs and is chosen at random, so you’ll get the excitement of finding out which egg you receive once it arrives!

1 Mar 2021
Jenny Edwards

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