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The Most Realistic Tasting Vegan Cheeses

We’ve all heard it before: “I want to go vegan but I’d miss cheese too much.”

Luckily we live in 2021 and the number of vegan cheeses available nowadays is mind blowing!

Here at TheVeganKind Supermarket, we have an amazing collection of the tastiest and most realistic vegan cheeses on the market. If you want to buy vegan cheese online and try a few, have a look at our list and prepare to be amazed!

Starting with the dairy-free cheese that’s blown every vegan away since it was first released…

Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese Alternative

Made from coconut oil, yeast extract, and paprika, Applewood vegan cheese alternative is what made vegans believe that there’s hope in the world for dairy-free cheeses! Eaten raw, it has a delicious smoked taste and texture – the perfect filling for a sandwich. Melting it will give you the same experience you know and love from your old cheese faves! You’ll never want to go back after trying this.


Also made by Applewood, Mexicana is a spicy version of the cheese mentioned above. It’s blended with a Mexican spice mix and real bell and jalapeño pepper pieces. Use this to spice up your sandwiches, wraps, and toasties!

Mouse’s Favourite Camembert

Mouse’s Favourite Camembert is a cashew-based vegan cheese with an authentic Camembert rind and soft creamy centre. This cheese has won awards for its deliciousness such as the Best Dairy-Free Cheese in the Peta Vegan Food Awards 2017 and Ethica magazine’s cheese taste test.

Follow Your Heart Slices

Follow Your Heart Slices come in 3 flavours: Smoked Gouda, Pepper Jack, and Medium Cheddar. Each of them makes the perfect filling for a sandwich, burger, or even grilled cheese. These dairy-free cheeses make the perfect component for any food you can think of!


As used in Zizzi’s and Pizza Express Restaurants nationwide, MozzaRisella is exactly what every Mozzarella-loving vegan needs. It’s vegetable-based and is naturally free from lactose or any other allergens!

Bute Island Sheese

Bute Island Sheese has a vast array of products available, there’s something for every dish. Perfect for pizzas, pasta, a creamy sauce, cubed in a salad, you name it.

Now you know exactly what the best vegan cheeses on the market are, it’s time to try them and let everyone in on the secret! All of these vegan cheeses can be ordered online - just a click of the button away!

Written by guest contributor Phoebe Ruberto, a passionate copywriter & blogger who was introduced to the vegan lifestyle 5 years ago. You can find more of their writing here.

30 Mar 2021
Gabriella Rodriguez

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