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Top Cheese Alternatives To Try This Veganuary

Who said that participating in Veganuary means that you have to go without cheese? On the contrary, you're opening yourself up to a new world of brands and varieties of plant-based cheese, yum! Luckily, vegan cheese has come such a long way in a short time. And dare I say that you might even prefer it over dairy?

There once was a time when being a cheese-lover and being a vegan conflicted each other, but those days are long gone. Vegans can now curate vibrant antipasti boards, make the cheesiest toasties, and whip up the creamiest mac and cheese sauces ever - all without using animal products. 

Cheddar - Violife

Cheddar is the world's most popular cheese. But will the dairy variety soon be knocked off of his throne? Because Violife has hit the nail on the head with their Epic Mature Cheddar Cheese Block; it's versatile, tasty, and reasonably priced. It's also just as crumbly and rich as the dairy version. You can use it in sandwiches, on crackers, on a cheeseboard, grate it on pasta, or any other way that you like to use cheddar!

Camembert - Mouse's Favourite

Camembert is a top cheese choice during the winter months, and the vegan version is no different. It's deliciously creamy, and of course, cheesy. Instead of using dairy, Mouse's Favourite product utilises cashews to create an authentic, plant-based Camembert rind and soft centre. It's so good that it won the Best Dairy-Free Cheese in the Peta Vegan Food Awards 2017! 

Blue - GreenVie

In the mood for something strong? Experience the rich, nutty, savoury taste of GreenVie Blue Cheese and immerse yourself in the unique, sophisticated flavour. This product is perfect for serving on a cheese board with grapes and plum jam or shredding on top of risotto. 

Smoked - Applewood

This smooth and creamy Smoked Cheese by Applewood has been flying off supermarket shelves! Not only does it melt beautifully (to make the perfect toastie), but it's also a good source of vitamin B12 and calcium. 

Mozzarella - MozzaRisella

If you've ever ordered the vegan pizzas from the Zizzi's or Pizza Express menus, then you've already had the pleasure of trying this incredible mozzarella alternative. Made with the goodness of Italian rice, MozzaRisella is soft, fresh, and makes for a healthier option than dairy. 

Parmesan - Follow Your Heart

A hearty bowl of pasta wouldn't be complete without a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Fortunately, the Follow Your Heart Parmesan brings a taste of Italy right into your kitchen - vegan style. Sprinkle this product on your pizza, pasta, roasted vegetables, or even on top of a salad to liven it up a bit. 

Feta - Kinda Co.

This Feta-inspired Cheese is marinated in oil, garlic and herbs and is bursting with a salty, creamy, crumbly texture that's just like Greek feta. It tastes delicious on pasta, salad, or on top of avocado toast. You'd hardly believe it was made from almonds! 

Halloumi - GreenVie

GreenVie's Halloumi alternative combines herbs' freshness and a buttery texture to make this vegan cheese extra indulgent. Try it grilled with a few drops of lemon and add on top of a salad - you might never go back to halloumi-free salads ever again! 

25 Jan 2021
Jenny Edwards

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