Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking

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Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking

  • Books - Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking
  • Books - Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking
  • Books - Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking


Monami Frost - Vegan Home Cooking

Brand: Monami Frost

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      • Softcover: 240 pages
      • Publisher: Monami Frost

      100 easy and quick plant based recipes that do not require any complex Vegan substitutes.
      72 Gluten free recipes out of 100.
      Intro by the lovely author - 
      Introducing My NEW Vegan Home Cooking Cookbook 🙌🌱 in this A5 hardcover book you will find - 100 easy, quick plant based recipes, that I cook for my family. Dishes that everyone can actually make without spending too much time or money, anywhere around the world. None of these recipes require any hard to find vegan substitutes or 20 different ingredients. Keeping it simple. I sure hope you will try them and you'll love them as much as my family does!
      So incredibly happy it's finally happening! ❤️
      This book is all me. I spent about 1 and a half years putting it all together. Cooking everything, taking the photos of the food, writing all the recipes, designing the pages and the cover! I did not have a massive team behind me like most books and cookbooks have. I've put all my heart in this so I hope you will appreciate it!
      With love

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