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Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk (1ltr)

Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk (1ltr)

Certified B Corporation™


Gluten Free

Soya Free

Wheat Free

Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk (1ltr)

Brand: Plenish Organic

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    • Our deliciously plenishing cashew m*lk is bursting with organic nutty goodness. It is a natural source of protein to maintain healthy muscles and bones, making it the perfect post-workout pick-me-up. With just three simple ingredients and no additives, preservatives or sweeteners, and a high nut content that means more nutrients for you. When you replace saturated fats for heart-healthy monosaturated fats found in this cashew m*lk, you can reduce blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease, so make the switch. It's also a good source of copper that protects your precious cells from oxidative stress and helps your immune system operate normally. 

      Filtered Water

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      Per 100ml Serving
      Kjoules- 142
      Kcals- 34
      Fat- 2.9g
      Protein- 1.1g
      Carbohydrate- 1.1g
      of which sugars- 0.3g