About Us

We are TheVeganKind Supermarket - 100% vegan online shopping heaven!

We stock a huge range of over 5,000 vegan and cruelty free products and are committed to providing the best service for our customers. We offer free shipping, amazing vegan rewards (we even send you a £5 voucher on your birthday), and if you order by 2pm you can receive the order the very next day!

If you are looking for vegan cheese, cruelty free makeup, amazing gifts for vegans, ethical clothing, vegan chocolate and much, much more - you have found the right place!

We are a small, family business with strong values and a vision that we can inspire the world to Be Kind, and Go Vegan. 

Each month we donate money to animal related charities, and since our launch in 2013 we are really proud to say that we have donated over £30,000.

We are kind. TheVeganKind.

Team TVK

Meet the TVK Team

Scott & Karris (alongside Casey & Tyler)

— Founders


Karris was a long term vegetarian who became vegan after coming across a very graphic video on YouTube that showed male baby chicks being ground alive, simply as a by product of the egg industry. All of her pre conceived notions that being vegetarian didn't contribute to animal suffering came crashing down around her, and she started eliminating animal products from her diet before starting to consider the wider reaching aspects of veganism, such as the boycotting of marine parks and zoos. Karris says 'Once you 'make the connection' everything starts to fall into place and it's like a veil has been lifted! I only wish I had made the connection sooner.' 

You can normally find Karris engrossed in a good book, or catching up on her favourite youtube/instagram accounts. 


Scott says 'I used to be blind to what I consumed. I never gave it a second thought, and mistakenly thought that some animals were here because they were a food source. I didn't really consider what was actually happening as a back end process; the cruelty, death, destruction. As Karris transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, I became more aware of the torture of the egg and dairy industry and more exposed to the huge market of alternative choices. When faced with the reality that I can spend a little extra time choosing what I eat, and avoid an entire global industry of torture, harm and ecological destruction, I knew that I could never justify eating food which came from an animal again". 

Scott's days are long and full, and his spare time is mainly spent chaperoning children to Muay Thai, dancing, gymnastics, mini kickers and more....but when the time to relax does arrive, he loves watching the mighty Glasgow Celtic play football, and his all time favourite, the UFC. He also loves a craft beer.

Liam Fogerty

— Technical Director

Liam went vegetarian at just 18 , after seeing disturbing videos of how farm animals were treated. He decided he didn't want to contribute to that cruelty so went veggie to try and cause the least harm he could – he started his vegan journey back in early 2018 when joining TheVeganKind and seeing all of the incredible vegan options there are!

A maker of electronics, a general ‘tech’ person and a self taught programmer, Liam likes to help people and animals and is currently looking after Maestro the cat, giving him a safe, warm home after rescuing him from a life not fit for such a prince.

Sarah Louise Hansen

— Chief Financial Officer

What was supposed to be another quiet evening of watching Netflix, ended up as an infliction point for Sarah Louise, when she stumbled upon the documentary Cowspiracy. The documentary fundamentally changed her view on the meat and diary industry and started her journey towards becoming vegetarian. Joining The Vegan Kind opened Sarah Louise’s eyes to the vast options available in the vegan consumer goods market and cutting out her beloved cheese no longer seemed that great of a sacrifice to make. Guided and inspired by the TVK teams experiences, she quickly made the transition to becoming entirely vegan.

Sarah Louise previously advised growing companies globally on a range of areas, covering growth strategy, fundraising, business planning, and market research.


— Head Buyer and Brand Development Manager

Jenna and her family started on their vegetarian journey 20 years ago, after watching the film Babe, The Pig. Fast forward to recent years, finding out that her beloved cheese was in fact the product of mass slaughter, enslavement and abuse shocked Jenna into becoming a passionate vegan. Her family soon followed suit after discovering the wonders of Vego chocolate - who needs Cadbury's?! After interning for one of the world's largest animal rights organisations, Jenna joined the team here at TheVeganKind as their social media and brand development manager.

Working for TheVeganKind has been a dream job for Jenna, as she loves spending her days reading emails, comments and blogs from lovely people who care about animals just as much as she does, and enjoys the opportunity to spread the vegan message. A keen foodie, Jenna loves trying new vegan meals and treats and along with Karris is chief sample taster for the TVK products - such a hard job! She also enjoys driving around the beautiful hills and countryside of Scotland and tending to her mad cat Harvey's every need.


— Customer Communications Expert

Leigh went veggie around 3 years ago when she realised she loved animals too much to eat them. Pretty soon she realised the dairy and eggs needed ditched too, but it seemed too hard. Then her flatmate went vegan and she realised it wasn’t as difficult as she thought. Now she’s been vegan just over a year!

Leigh’s worked in customer service for 8 years, and moving to TVK was an absolute dream. Helping out other vegans every day – best job ever!

Most of the time, Leigh can be found reading fantasy and drinking tea. It’s her ambition to adopt a cat to hang out with her while she does this.


— Customer Communications Expert

Kate was raised vegetarian since birth by her long term vegetarian mum, and always thought she was doing her bit to save the animals by leaving their bodies off her plate.  While considering giving up dairy to see if it would help her eczema, Kate came across the video ‘Dairy Is Scary’ on YouTube and was horrified.  She instantly ditched dairy and then went vegan just a couple of days later, with her mum following suit shortly after too.   

Kate is currently in her final year of her Accounting Honours degree, and loves working part-time at TVK surrounded by good vegan vibes and like-minded friends. 

When she’s not in the library, you’ll most likely find Kate in the kitchen trying out new vegan recipes or in bed snuggling with her cat, Yoda, and listening to techno. 


— Warehouse Supervisor

Barry turned vegetarian 7 years ago, content he was playing his part in saving the lives of animals. At that time, he knew of no one in his immediate circle who was vegetarian or vegan so it wasn't until he watched a video with Peter Dinklage, describing and showing horrific scenes from the dairy and poultry industries that he made the change to veganism. 
Barry enjoys going epic walks with his little Jack Russell Coco, and loves hill walking and strolling around the countryside when he gets the chance. 
He is a keen novelist, having already completed and published one horror novel, Dream Demon.
Barry says "I am so happy to say that my eldest daughter has just decided to go vegan! Joining Team TVK has given me such hope for the future of human kind. We are all earthlings, after all." 

Hannah Stark

— Warehouse Operator

Hannah had always loved animals, growing up with hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and cats and also studying Animal Biology at University. It was while doing a course on Animal Welfare that the seeds of veganism were planted in her head. When confronted with the reality of what she was eating and how she was complicit in the awful treatment of animals, she became vegetarian immediately. Shortly after that realisation, she transitioned to veganism - quickly realising it really wasn't as difficult as she had initially thought. 

4 years later and she now loves that veganism has taught her how to cook, help her try a plethora of new foods, and also understand empathy on a whole new level.

In her spare time she love going to gigs (a lot of gigs), hill walking, exploring the countryside and looking after her very spoiled cats, Max and Messi. 

Andy Lamb

— Warehouse Operator

Andy went Vegan 3 and a half years ago, after just 3 months of being veggie. He had always been a fan of all animals and to him, veganism was a natural progression. He’d always been passionate about equality amongst people and the need for compassion to be shown to the world, that limiting himself to only humans seemed hypocritical and focusing on a narrow part of the issue. He loves cooking, and becoming vegan has only made him enjoy that more with all the new ways to think about food and get creative. Over 3 years in and he still feels he has only scratched the surface of wonderful food there is out there.  Andy likes going to the gym, bagging munros with his brother and exploring the highlands, travelling with his girlfriend Rachel, exercising and of course watching the mighty Partick Thistle play just up the road from the TVK warehouse!


— Warehouse Operator

Jack always loved animals, but didn't make the connection between animals & the food that he was eating until 2 years ago. A keen athlete, Jack originally made the transition to veganism for his health and the environment, but becoming involved in the local vegan community, he soon also became passionate about animal welfare. 
In his spare time, Jack can be found mountaineering, travelling, running and, most recently, cycling around Europe.


— Chief Executive Helper

In between Swimming, Gymnastics and Jiu Jitsu commitments, Casey spends her time colouring in, jumping on her trampoline and helping make key strategic decisions at TVK HQ.



— Head of Future Development

A rapidly growing healthy, happy vegan toddler - the youngest member of Team TVK, Tyler, spends most of his days enjoying snacking on yummy vegan food, playing with his building blocks and thinking about what TVK will look like in 2018 and beyond! With his big sis Casey in charge of 'Helping', Tyler can't wait until he is a bit older and is able to implement all his ideas.