What are Vegan Rewards?

Vegan Rewards are our way of giving something back to our regular shoppers.

Simply create a store account and earn 50 points instantly (You will see a pink 'Vegan Rewards' tab at the bottom right of every page). We then track as you shop, and give you points for every purchase you make, it's that easy!

WOW - Vegan Reward Tiers :)

We have Vegan Reward tiers too, so that the more you shop with us, the better your rewards become!

When you first join, you will be level "Tofu", and once you get above 1,000 points you move onto "Nutritional Yeast" etc...and eventually, you start earning the Platinum "Avocado" points!

(Bronze  0-999 Points)
Nutritional Yeast 
(Silver 1000-1499 Points)
(Gold 1500-1999 Points)
(Platinum 2000+ Points)
Create an Account 50 50 50 50
Make a Purchase (Points per £) 1 2 3 4
Review your Order 10 11 12 13
Refer A Friend 250 250 250 250
Points on your Birthday! 500 525 550 575
Follow us on Instagram 25 25 25 25
Follow us on Facebook 25 325 25 25